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Energy Management vs Time Management

A few years ago, Duke University hired me to teach a group of Nike executives to begin to manage their energy rather than their time. I was chosen over the company that wrote the book The Way We're Working Isn't Working (which topped the NY Times best seller list at #2). This is why I was chosen to present at Duke: I give the best research based next steps in doable doses. What's the difference between time and energy management? Time is non renewable, which gives us an unconscious stress/cortisol response. Energy can't be destroyed. It can be transferred, transformed or shifted. Step 1 in shifting from time management to energy (renewable) management: shift how you approach the time you have between your clients. Example: When you look at the clock and notice you have 5 minutes between clients and have a "to do" list, pause before beginning your tasks. Notice your energy level or where you may be blocking energy from flowing (this is wherever you notice tension in your body, neck, back). Take a few breaths and consciously decide to relax any body based tension (which is exhausting you) or take a few breaths and decide to shift whatever energy you presently notice, into something you imagine would feel better (joy, peace, lightheartedness). This only takes a minute once you become practiced at it. This is a simple yet profoundly effective way to begin. Our clients sometimes discount a simple step that can make a significant impact on their lives, and we might too. If you practice this first step throughout the day, I promise you will notice a significant difference by the end of the day. Join our training and learn how to work smarter, not harder. Use the code Yoga500 for a $500 savings on our January 2022 training. *offer limited Graduate Level Yoga Teacher Training, Energy Management and Trauma Sensitive Education specifically for Therapists.

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