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  • Who Should Attend This Yoga Teacher Training?
    This training is specifically indented for professionals engaged in the mental health field seeking a yoga teacher training, trauma sensitive movement and mindfulness to add to their clinical practice AND to become a safe, knowledgeable, group yoga teacher. VIEW UPCOMING TRAININGS AND REGISTER
  • Does This Mean I Will Be A Registerd RYT Yoga Teacher?
    I'm aware some of you have wanted the RYT credentials along with the CYP-500. I've registered our program with Yoga Alliance and have been approved for a 200 RYS. We were the 108 school to be accredited with trauma. If you are interested in these credentials, there are some extra steps to take and a cost associated with that at the end of your training. There will be administrative costs, registering the schools and time associated with overseeing this aspect of the program. There is a time limit that the online training has been approved for. We are approved to offer this online through the end of 2024, but they are unclear if they will allow the online beyond that time. The bottom line: If you are considering it, you will want to register NOW if you want this credential. We may need to limit how many students we will allow to take advantage of this opportunity if the administrative end gets overwhelming for us. We are in new territory, so we don't know what this looks like time wise on our end. Everyone who has graduated from CYI has the opportunity to choose a 200 RYT track with additional teaching hours. We have authorization until 12/2024, so you will get to be complete by then or risk not being able to take advantage of this. As we move forward this price may increase, depending on the amount of time it takes on our end to provide feedback and support. When you register with Yoga Alliance, there may be additional hours or requirements on their end. They have changed back and forth about teaching hours, but those hours would be after you officially graduate with us and in the past they haven't allowed hours already taught to be counted. We can't control or know what they will need you to do as we only know the school requirements and the length of time we are authorized to do this. We are not offering refunds if you drop the course path. To learn more about Yoga Alliance and RYT go to I hope you're able to utilize the training and that it's making a difference in your health and wellness! See you soon.
  • What Are The Benefits To This Type Of Training?
    SPECIFICITY: This training is intended to educate the medical, clinical, and mental healthcare community and the populations they serve. Rather than focusing on adult gymnastics, our training is about the underpinnings of yoga and the subtle movement that almost anybody can perform. We offer the specific movement therapists would need such as chair yoga, trauma sensitive movement, teaching clients to use appropriate breathing techniques outside of their appointments and using meditation to overcome compassion fatigue for the therapists. MINIMUM TIME FOR MAXIMUM EDUCATION: The online training allows accelerated education. I’ve facilitated yoga teacher trainings for more than 12 years. This training allows for the maximum amount of training in the most condensed time frame.
  • Will I Have The Ability To Teach A Yoga Class Outside Of Clinical Practice?
    All students who follow the curriculum, complete the online content with the training manual and attend contact hours of training will have an exceptional understanding of yoga and be more than prepared to teach a public yoga class as well private sessions to their clients. This clinical training I have developed is the same training that many of the leading teachers have taken from me and gone on to become exceptional teachers in their field. The addition to this training is the accent on trauma, mindfulness for therapists and chair yoga. In order to become CYP-500, you will need to complete all assignments on time, attend all sessions and demonstrate understanding of the material provided at the training.
  • What Is Included And Not Included In The Program?
    Included in the program: CEUs, contact weekends, online training, 350 page training manual, workshops (including energy management for mental health professionals, trauma sensitive, the difference between trauma and PTSD, pranayama breathing techniques, meditation techniques and more) during the contact weekends. Not included are 2 required books (please see enrolment confirmation email), meals, yoga mats, yoga blocks, props, yoga classes outside of the training or any housing/travel costs and the additional cost for the RTY 200 if you choose to continue on that path.
  • What Is The Clinical Yoga Institute Syllabus?
    Techniques and Practice Teaching Methodology Physical and Energy Anatomy & Physiology Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle Practicum Curriculum Includes: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Breathwork (Pranayama) for Emotional Centering Teaching A Safe and Effectice Class Injuries During Class Alignment for Yoga Postures (Asana) Hatha Yoga Mindfulness for Therapists. Teaching Safe Classes for Groups Pranayama (Breathing Practices) Meditation (Dhyana) Ayurveda Doshas ( Yogic State of Being We’re Governed By) Seasonal Balancing w Food, Breath and Practice The 7 Energy Centers Yoga Philosophy Physical and Subtle Anatomy and Physiology
  • Expectations & Graduate Requirements
    What you can expect from the training: upon graduation you can expect to know how to prepare a yoga class in a safe and effective way, the five qualities of a good yoga teacher, how to assist with injuries, your responsibilities as a teacher, how to prepare classes based on the season, teach yoga for PTSD, teach meditations based on the 7 energy centers. proper posture alignment, subtle anatomy and assisting students to incorporate knowledge of balancing themselves outside of the practice. What we expect of participants: All contact hours must be attended, demonstration of mini classes based on information gleaned during training and videos watched, yoga mat and props for each individual. Come on time, prepared to participate and engage in the workshops.
  • How Do I Register?
    If you have questions please feel free to email us or give us a call 801403-9012 with your name, number and question's and we will contact you within 24 hours. We want you to have the best experience possible and want to make sure what we offer is a good match for you. Once you register we would like to know the type of therapy you specialize in and the populations you mostly serve, so we will email you a few questions to make sure we get your needs met. Payments should be completed prior to the class. We will offer discounts for payments 30 days prior – and multiple registrations together. Online, Venmo or check. Refunds of 50% will be available up to 30 days before start of first contact weekend as long as no videos have been initiated. Refunds are not available less than 30 days to first contact weekend or once the video series has initiated. You can Venmo if prefered or check our current programs available and where they are available by clicking on Register On This Page

“Of all the things trauma takes away from us,

the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to

happen in order to heal”  ~

Brene Brown.

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Postures And Breath Are Like Medication...  
It's Important To Understand The Right Dosage.

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