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Emotional Regulation for Clinicians for the Election

With Emotions High on Both Sides Mindfulness Is A Key Factor In Staying Regulated

As a behavioral health care specialist, you have an enormous amount of pressure coming from many external sources. With the election at hand, these pressures will increase, from both clients' reactions and our own trepidation about what the results will mean for us personally.

Consider These Simple Self Care and Mindfulness To Prepare Taking a few days off if possible Taking the day after off Your clients biases vs yours when booking Creating time between clients to reset Having healthy meals delivered or prepped for self care Setting a phone reminder to decompress your body for 1 minute throughout the day

Pre-Regulation I created this amazing nervous system hack one day while meditating. I was visualizing what I wanted to see, but since my body and mind didn't need to be prepared for that, I should gently practice what I didn't want to have happen. It sounds peculiar at first, but let me explain. I visualized a diminished version of something that concerned me and kept my body relaxed and my breath regulated. This is what I call Pre-Regulation

Why Pre Regulation Works: Since 80% of our emotions are coming from the body, I put myself in the window of tolerance, visualized the unwelcomed event at a reduced outcome (not worse case scenario), and paid attention to keeping my body and breath calm. It increased my window of tolerance! If I could keep my body calm and my breath regulated, I would visualize an increasing stressful version of the unwelcomed event, and practice staying regulated at a new level. Now I use this technique whenever I anticipate stepping into situations that will dysregulate me. Try it and let me know if you find it a useful strategy.

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