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Clinical Yoga Institute Partners with Utah State University to Conduct New Research

Clinical Yoga Institute is excited to announce a partnership with Utah State University to conduct new research on trauma-informed yoga & mindfulness. This is exciting news, because while almost 60% of patients are exploring complementary and alternative therapies, only approximately 20% of clinicians and medical professionals are trained in these modalities. As more and more people turn to alternative therapies, there is greater need for research-based information so clinicians can understand these forms of treatment and how to implement them.

The Need, More Research. The Solution, Clinical Yoga Institute

Clinical psychology research is as important to the nation's health and well being as medical research. As a research-based company, Clinical Yoga Institute has set the goal to standardize trauma sensitive movement and mindfulness trainings for medical, clinical, and yoga professionals. Partnering with Utah State University and professional clinicians around the country, we are beginning to conduct research that will further the science behind the fact the 80% of emotions come from the body up to the brain. If left untreated, the tension in the body will re-trigger the mind into an imbalanced emotional state.

There are some research-based organizations out there, but more research is needed to fill in the knowledge gaps as clinicians and physicians learn how to implement the tools and prescriptions of yoga. Healing stored tension is critical to emotional healing and we must show the medical world that there are standards in the yoga industry.

"While the research is growing in volume and quality, there are many things that we just don’t know," says B Grace Bullock, PhD, and E-RYT 500. "While the research on yoga is proliferating, it is still in its infancy."

Research is so critical to help change the way healthcare professionals work and to increase public awareness of how trauma and emotions are stored in the body. This will pave the way for increased healing and health. Clinical Yoga Institute is on the forefront of that research to build knowledge and facilitate learning.

Clinical Yoga Institute was founded by passionate CFO’s, CEO’s, and experienced registered yoga teachers who are looking to make a big difference in research and ethics in the clinical yoga world. Our CEO, Corena Hammer, is the founder of Infusion Yoga and Pilates, YACEP Yoga Alliance, and Duke University Xcelerate Leader for Nike.

Join in the research and continued conversation at

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