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Working with Frustration

How Yoga Can Help When We're Stuck In Frustration

At the end of summer we accumulate pitta (defined as "that which cooks") traits according to yoga. This can lead to anger, frustration, irritation and intensity. It can put many of us and our clients into overwhelm.

What can be done? Yogic ways we work with the body we can reduce the emotion of frustration:

We Need More:

Cooling the Body Temperature

Laughter (Movies are Great!)

Hip Opening Postures

Forward Folds

Cold Showers Before Bed

Cooling Fruits and Veggies

Yin Yoga

We Need Less:

Outdoors During Mid Day

Rushed Meals


Competition with Self or Others

Activity Before Sleep

Hot Sauce, Meats or Alcohol

Heated Yoga

Make sure to create a login on the upper right hand corner for free videos to help get unstuck from frustration. Namaste.

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