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Bert Young


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CFO Impartner + Other Companies

CYP - 500 Clinical Practitioner

RYT – 200 Yoga Teacher


Corena Hammer


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Founder, CYP - 500 Clinical Practitioner

Trauma Informed LA speaker  

E-RYT – 500 Yoga Teacher

YACEP Yoga Alliance

Duke University

Xcelerate Leader For Nike

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Rachel Von Niederhausern


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CYP - 500 Clinical Practitioner

RYT – 500 Yoga Teacher

MBA – Utah State University

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Corena Hammer CYP, IAYT, E-RYT 500, RYS 500

Founder, NSR™ ~ Nervous System Recalibration Process

Founder, CYI™ ~ Clinical Yoga Institute 

2022 NASW Award Winner

2023 Published IRB Research

Trauma Informed LA Speaker

YACEP Continuing Education Specialist Yoga Alliance

Duke University Xcelerate Yoga Leader For Nike

Board Of Directors Perpetuate Peace Non Profit

Yogis Give Back Lead Teacher

Athleta Brand Ambassador

E-RYT – 500 Yoga Teacher

As a NASW UT award winner, Corena has more than 3 decades of experience in developing methods to aid in holistic wellbeing of individuals.  With her innovative and research driven protocols, she is recognized as a visionary and a leader in the growing area of Trauma Treatment, as  popularized by the book The Body Keeps The Score.


She has taught and certified more than 100 medical professionals (LCSWs, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists) in her Clinical Yoga Protocols, a process proven to release trauma from the body.  Her courses in this methodology have been recognized for their value and approved by the Utah Juvenile Justice system for continuing education credit.

Corena began teaching her methods in 2003.  Building on the amazing successes of these practitioners, she developed the Nervous System Recalibration, or NSR™, Process in 2018. This process is rooted in the science of Polyvagal Theory and the Chakra System for healing and releasing trauma.


Through the melding of these two medical systems, she created a science based process that can recalibrate your nervous system after trauma, loss, betrayal and stress. She has worked with and taught this process to a diverse group of licensed and certified therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, who report having results for their clients and patients that far exceed those of traditional trauma treatment methods. 


Her clients include A list film and tv screen actors and directors, corporate executives and politicians.  Corena was selected by Duke University to be part of a team that included professors from MIT as a Continuing Education specialist.  She was chosen as the first domestic and international Brand Ambassador for Athelta under the GAP name, and has worked with high ranking corporate leaders, including the Nike Team Xelerate Execs.


She has served on non-profit boards and currently serves as an advisor to, a non-profit organization focused on supporting the transformational arts, those that are underserved in the community and folks that have trauma.



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“Of all the things trauma takes away from us,

the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to

happen in order to heal”  ~

Brene Brown.

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Postures And Breath Are Like Medication...  
It's Important To Understand The Right Dosage.
~  Corena Hammer, CEO,
Clinical Yoga Practitioner,
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