3 Ways To Recover Your Energy

Depleted? Stuck? It makes sense.

According to the yogic life science, Ayurveda, this season is the one where we would naturally see folks feeling depleted, stuck and/or depressed. When you add a one year anniversary of the massive chaos that 2020 put us through, we are going through a LOT.

Especially as a clinician who is supporting others.

In 2020,

therapists counseled people through

an economic crisis, a global pandemic,

a politically polarized election, earthquakes,

a racial justice movement, fires, riots,

chronic uncertainty, anxiety and depression.

With no preparation, no warning, or any special training all while they went through the same experience within themselves.

If there was ever a time to honor and value therapists, it’s now.

You are my unsung heroes.

So how do we recover or get "unstuck"? Let's keep it simple:


I can't emphasize this enough. Change your clothes after work (especially if you do Telehealth), talk a short walk around the block, lay on the floor and play with your pet/kids, sing or dance (research shows why this actually works) or