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The Process

The Training

CYP-500.  Becoming a Clinical Yoga Practitioner 500  (CYP-500) includes both contact and non-contact hours.  We provide online training videos, a 350 page training manual, one Zoom call per month and two full weekend contact weekends over the course of 10 months.

You can earn 20 CEUs as you attend this training.

For Your Private Sessions

You'll be able to learn simple techniques to use during your private sessions with clients to help facilitate release of tension of muscles which, if left unaddressed, research is showing will retrigger mental states of imbalance. These moves are chair based for all levels of health.

For Your Group Sessions

You'll also receive sequences and learn how to teach group yoga classes for anxiety, trauma, depression, restoration of the mind and meditation.  Often these classes are billable on a clients insurance.  You will have the education to become an actual trauma sensitive yoga teacher for group classes in your community, in your clinic, or just for the general public.

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