Healing The Mind Through Reclaiming The Body

"The Core Issue Isn't What Happened To You, The Core Issue Is Your Body Got Stuck."

~ Bessel van der Kolk

Become a certified Clinical Yoga Practitioner  CYP-500

Clinical Yoga Institute offers standardized and research based yoga,with an emphasis on trauma sensitive movement and mindfulness training for medical, clinical, and yoga professionals. 


Recent research has shown that healing the stored tension in our bodies is critical to balancing and healing our emotional conditions.  If left untreated, the tension in the body will retrigger the mind into an imbalanced emotional state.

80% of the emotions we feel come from the body up to the brain. 


Current research has shown that emotions are not all originating in the brain, as scientists previously believed. 

Rooted in research, our professional level training teaches you how to facilitate safe re-connection to the body for your clients.

Through a combination of online and contact hours, we offer CEUs to clinical therapists as they receive their professional yoga teacher training through us.


Yoga is an intersection between hidden messages in the mind and body.  Clinical Yoga Institute offers therapists a full understanding of yoga, how to use it during sessions, and how to apply it to trauma sensitive clients.  

60% of our population uses CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) but research shows only 20% of our clinicians and physicians are trained in CAM therapies, even though 38% of hospitals offer CAM modalities. 


We offer a professional level education in yoga  that includes trauma sensitive movement and mindfulness.

We offer yoga training for your counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy & psychiatric consultation practices with an emphasis on trauma sensitive movement and mindfulness.

Worldwide therapists have been seeking ways to help clients overcome anxiety, depression and trauma. Our training in yoga, mindfulness and trauma sensitive movement provides a way for therapists to help individuals to integrate healing movement and breathwork under their guidance and overcome these emotions in the body.


Overwhelming emotions and trauma lead to unbearable sensations in the body.  Yoga has been show to release these emotions at a body based level.  Yoga can provide a way to face and then release the sensations.


 We provide yoga movement and principles as integration techniques for healthcare providers, therapists or graduate level education and training for yoga teachers interested in working for clinicians. 


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