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Clinical Yoga Institute

"The Core Issue Isn't What Happened To You,
The Core Issue Is Your Body Got Stuck."

~ Bessel van der Kolk

Become A Professional Clinical Yoga Practitioner


  Clinical Yoga Institute offers: 


  • A graduate level, evidence based yoga training.

  • Standardized for private clients or group classes which may be billable through insurance.

  • An emphasis on trauma sensitive movement.

  • Mindfulness training for medical, clinical, and yoga professionals to address burnout.

  • Online training combined with monthly live online meetings and trauma sensitive education weekends over 10 months.

  • 30.5 CEUs through NASW UT


   Through a combination of online videos and live online contact hours,        we offer CEUs to clinical therapists as they receive their professional

   yoga teacher training through us.


   Clinical Yoga Institute offers therapists a graduate level full yoga teacher training, how to use it during private sessions, run group sessions or teach public classes outside of their practice as well.

   80% of the emotions we experience come from the body to the brain.  You'll learn to identify hyperarousal and hypoarousal in clients and help them learn pre-regulation techniques to stay in the window of tolerance. 


Clinician burnout has become a national healthcare crisis.  Learn about our IRB approved research project from Utah State University on the effects CYI methods have on clinicians.  Read more about clinician burnout

Rooted in research, our course covers:

  • Polyvagal Theory. 

  • The difference between trauma and PTSD.

  • How adverse childhood experiences shape the way a client can process CBT.

  • Three areas of the brain and the one point that can access all three at once.

  • Yogic breathing techniques clients can use to self regulate outside of therapy sessions.

  • How to approach clients about using yoga as part of CBT.

In this course you'll learn the difference between the dorsal vagal response and ventral vagal response, how it's affecting your clients and the movement to help them master coherence.

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Heal the body based emotions that trigger the mind while earning CEUs

For Your Private Sessions

You'll be able to learn simple techniques to use during your private sessions with clients to help facilitate release of tension in muscles which, if left unaddressed, research is showing will retrigger mental states of imbalance. These moves are chair based for all levels of health.

For Your Group Sessions

You'll also receive sequences and learn how to teach group yoga classes for anxiety, trauma, depression, restoration of the mind and meditation.  Often these classes are billable on a clients insurance.  You will have the education to become an actual trauma sensitive yoga teacher for group classes in your community, in your clinic, or for the general public.

Secondary Trauma and Clinician Burnout
Our University Research Project 

For years, the American Medical Association (AMA), NASW and other organizations have fought against the rising tide of physician and clinician burnout in medicine. A survey in the Annals of Internal Medicine in June of 2019 estimated that burnout costs the U.S. health care industry $4.6 billion every year.  And then came COVID-19, clinicians working from home, lockdowns and civil unrest.  Along with those additional challenges, trauma for behavioral health care professionals became a national health care crisis.


Many of our clinicians report teaching the CYI skills to their clients have helped with their own fatigue and secondary trauma.  Some have begun scheduling their days around teaching more group yoga sessions for this reason.


 Utah State University has attached an IRB approved research project to Clinical Yoga Institute to study the effects teaching the CYI methods has on the clinician.  It's the first IRB research initiative of its kind in the US.

Coping with this unimaginable stress can be overwhelming.  Adding yoga techniques taught by CYI to your therapy sessions can bring benefits to both the clinician and the client.

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“Of all the things trauma takes away from us,

the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to

happen in order to heal”  ~

Brene Brown.

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Postures And Breath Are Like Medication...  

It's Important To Understand The Right Dosage.

~  Corena Hammer, CEO,
Clinical Yoga Practitioner,
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